The Final Touch team have renovated and dressed many properties, and have worked on a diverse range from large family homes to compact, city flats. They have a unique combination of knowledge, skill and experience. This places them in the position not only to be able to offer consultancy, but also to project manage the jobs to completion.




Maximise The Appeal...

Our aim at The Final Touch is for you not to have to spend a fortune on a property that you are going to sell or rent. Instead, we aim to achieve the highest possible value for your property, working with what you already have. We will help ensure that any money spent will yield a significant return.



Maximise The Value

Most properties suffer from the all too familiar wear and tear such as leaking taps, cracked windowpanes, missing drawer handles, dusty curtains etc. It should not be hugely expensive to put these things right, but it is time consuming and often rather tedious. Forget organising the plumber, glazier, carpenter and curtain maker, as we do it all for you.


We do everything from cleaning windows and painting the front door, to changing carpets, hanging pictures and updating kitchen units. It is these details that can make all the difference between clinching a sale - or not.


With our fresh perspective and trained eye we make the distinction, which puts your property ahead of the rest.


Client Profits.

The grey shows the original valuation. The green- the price the property achieved after receiving the expertise of The Final Touch, less the cost of the works.

Within days you will be in a position to achieve the best possible price for your home. There are other factors that you will need to consider, including the selection of an appropriate estate agent. It is important to select an agent who is active in your area, and who you feel confident will carry out the sale or rental efficiently. We are able to advise you of local agents, if required.



Dress & Furnish

  • Empty properties appear cold and unwelcoming.
  • People find it hard to envisage how appealing a place will look once the furniture is in place, the windows dressed, the beds made, the garden well stocked and so on.
  • We supply the furniture (contemporary and traditional), furnishings and home accessories that will dress your property and make it look its best.
  • It is often possible to rent items of furniture so as to avoid buying pieces that you may not have a use for once your property has been sold or let.

Keeping a property looking fresh if the owner is abroad


The Final Touch can also visit your property on a weekly basis to freshen it up, give it a dust, water the plants, tidy the mail and make sure it maintains a warm and inviting impression.



During our initial visit we offer advice regarding your property; specifically, what will make it more attractive to potential buyers or tenants. We also offer advice on local estate agents and provide tips on marketing your property. This initial visit is charged at £75 per hour. Travel costs to be discussed.

After this visit, we will write up an itemised estimate in which we detail what needs to be done and how much the project will cost if required. The cost for this estimate is as follows:

  • 1 bedroom property £150.00

  • 2 bedroom property £175.00

  • 3 bedroom property £200.00

  • 4 bedroom plus £225.00

Should you wish the Final Touch to manage the project for you the cost of the estimate will be deducted from the final invoice.


Our clients choose to use us rather than regular interior designers as our primary focus is increasing the market value of their properties at minimal cost.

At the end of the job we send in cleaners, gardeners and window cleaners, until, with the turn of a key, the finished product is delivered back into your hands.


Not only do we perfect properties for the sale and rental markets; ‘The Final Touch’ also offers complete home renovations, refurbishment and project management services. We carry out all kinds of home renovations. These range from the large: including structural work and extensions; through to the medium: new kitchens and bathrooms, and even the small: such as re-carpeting, replacing the garden fence and various other decorating works. Are you familiar with the maxim ‘if your marriage can survive a renovation, it can survive anything’? Many people find renovating an extremely stressful and time consuming task.



We ensure complete transparency in our quotes, and will happily explain and breakdown our quote, if requested.



We take the nightmare out of renovating! Our job as project managers is to plan and manage your renovation from start to finish; to ensure that your daily life is not interrupted simply because you are renovating. We monitor the cost, timeframes and all elements of the project making frequent site visits. ‘The Final Touch’ provides you with one point of contact, and ensures that the works are completed diligently, to our exacting standards.



As is always the case with The Final Touch, all work will be carried out with a view to increasing the propertys value in the event of resale.


Whether your tastes are traditional, contemporary, or somewhere in between, we aim to work in partnership with you, to develop a living space designed for your particular lifestyle. Our role is to meld your ideas and dreams, our creative flair, and the functional requirements of the space into an executable plan.

When designing an interior we must first define the space. How will the space function in your life? Do you need a peaceful haven for relaxation? Or, do you need a welcoming room that invites family and friends to gather round? What if the space definition was office? Then you might require a quiet but energizing space, to help keep you focused on your work.

We then manage resources and our team of highly reliable, qualified trades people to achieve the finished product within the budgetary constraints and agreed time schedule. The end result is a beautiful, functional space, which is an ideal match for your property and your lifestyle.


If you feel that your new Home needs some special attention, We have a sister company which specialises in Interior Design for modern living.


Maas & Impett, Photography by Emily Jagger



The Final Touch have extensive experience in dressing showhomes aimed at all demographics.

Our rental furniture and accessories packages give you the complete solution to sell that difficult empty house or if you have several under development, by staging a property you are likely to get faster sales or rentals price.

The Final Touch will spend approximately 2 hours with you at the property, to review the property and assess what is required to stage the sale. A mood board or estimate of recommendations will then be drawn up to itemise all the furniture and accessories required, together with rental fees.






High quality advice and workmanship


Solutions for all designs and budgets. We believe that curtains & soft furnishings are an integral part of any design scheme. They should be in keeping and of the highest quality.

Made to Measure

We make hand finished bespoke soft furnishings; curtains, pelmets, tie backs, Roman blinds, bedspreads, cushions etc. We can also have other blinds made to order such as rollers and Venetians.

Our design consultancy is available for a wide variety of headings and finishes to coordinate with your existing interior decoration. Or, if the soft furnishings are to be the starting point, we help you with the sometimes overwhelming choice of fabrics and design ideas.

We are happy to supply you with fabrics, but we can also work with your own if you prefer.

We can come out to measure your windows, if necessary, and our professional fitters can fit your tracks, should you wish.

Alterations & Fittings

We are able to supply a large range of tracks and poles. Please contact us for more details on these. We have many samples in our workshop that we can show you.

Our professional curtain fitters can fit almost any track or pole and dress your furnishings accordingly. However beautiful your curtains may be, if they are not hung correctly from the start they will never look as good as they will once dressed professionally...



We provide a one-to-one client service, listening, interpreting and implementing custom designs to suit each boat owner’s lifestyle.

We pride ourselves in our impeccable attention to detail and budgetary constraints.

Our soft furnishings are of the finest quality. These include hand made curtains, blinds, upholstered furniture, bed linen and deck cushions.


We have had a consistently positive response from agents who have used our services, as we make it easier for them to sell and let the properties on their books quickly!

With our experience in property development, design, and sales we will transform even the dreariest of properties into welcoming, desirable homes.

We offer individual negotiators a percentage-based introduction fee upon commencement of each job. If your client does not have the time, desire, or contacts to undertake the necessary work themselves, The Final Touch can help.

As well as aiding lettings and sales negotiators, we also assist management departments in keeping properties looking immaculate. Please contact us if you would like to establish a website link.


We look forward to continuing our work with you in this increasingly competitive market.

Even when they have been immaculately refurbished, properties that have been newly developed can feel cold and uninviting. We work alongside many property developers providing interior design solutions. We selectively dress these properties to create a warm and inviting impression, and a sense of individuality. 'The Final Touch' also stages show flats. We source and supply furniture and decorative accessories from a variety of outlets in order to ensure that the project is cost effective and completed swiftly. Please contact us if you would like to establish a website link. We look forward to continuing our work with you in this increasingly competitive market.