Within days you will be in a position to achieve the best possible price for your home. There are other factors that you will need to consider, including the selection of an appropriate estate agent. It is important to select an agent who is active in your area, and who you feel confident will carry out the sale or rental efficiently. We are able to advise you of local agents, if required.



Dress & Furnish

  • Empty properties appear cold and unwelcoming.
  • People find it hard to envisage how appealing a place will look once the furniture is in place, the windows dressed, the beds made, the garden well stocked and so on.
  • We supply the furniture (contemporary and traditional), furnishings and home accessories that will dress your property and make it look its best.
  • It is often possible to rent items of furniture so as to avoid buying pieces that you may not have a use for once your property has been sold or let.

Keeping a property looking fresh if the owner is abroad


The Final Touch can also visit your property on a weekly basis to freshen it up, give it a dust, water the plants, tidy the mail and make sure it maintains a warm and inviting impression.



During our initial visit we offer advice regarding your property; specifically, what will make it more attractive to potential buyers or tenants. We also offer advice on local estate agents and provide tips on marketing your property. This initial visit is charged at £75 per hour. Travel costs to be discussed.

After this visit, we will write up an itemised estimate in which we detail what needs to be done and how much the project will cost if required. The cost for this estimate is as follows:

  • 1 bedroom property £150.00

  • 2 bedroom property £175.00

  • 3 bedroom property £200.00

  • 4 bedroom plus £225.00

Should you wish the Final Touch to manage the project for you the cost of the estimate will be deducted from the final invoice.


Our clients choose to use us rather than regular interior designers as our primary focus is increasing the market value of their properties at minimal cost.