As is always the case with The Final Touch, all work will be carried out with a view to increasing the propertys value in the event of resale.


Whether your tastes are traditional, contemporary, or somewhere in between, we aim to work in partnership with you, to develop a living space designed for your particular lifestyle. Our role is to meld your ideas and dreams, our creative flair, and the functional requirements of the space into an executable plan.

When designing an interior we must first define the space. How will the space function in your life? Do you need a peaceful haven for relaxation? Or, do you need a welcoming room that invites family and friends to gather round? What if the space definition was office? Then you might require a quiet but energizing space, to help keep you focused on your work.

We then manage resources and our team of highly reliable, qualified trades people to achieve the finished product within the budgetary constraints and agreed time schedule. The end result is a beautiful, functional space, which is an ideal match for your property and your lifestyle.


If you feel that your new Home needs some special attention, We have a sister company which specialises in Interior Design for modern living.


Maas & Impett, Photography by Emily Jagger