At the end of the job we send in cleaners, gardeners and window cleaners, until, with the turn of a key, the finished product is delivered back into your hands.


Not only do we perfect properties for the sale and rental markets; ‘The Final Touch’ also offers complete home renovations, refurbishment and project management services. We carry out all kinds of home renovations. These range from the large: including structural work and extensions; through to the medium: new kitchens and bathrooms, and even the small: such as re-carpeting, replacing the garden fence and various other decorating works. Are you familiar with the maxim ‘if your marriage can survive a renovation, it can survive anything’? Many people find renovating an extremely stressful and time consuming task.



We ensure complete transparency in our quotes, and will happily explain and breakdown our quote, if requested.



We take the nightmare out of renovating! Our job as project managers is to plan and manage your renovation from start to finish; to ensure that your daily life is not interrupted simply because you are renovating. We monitor the cost, timeframes and all elements of the project making frequent site visits. ‘The Final Touch’ provides you with one point of contact, and ensures that the works are completed diligently, to our exacting standards.